Ecco! Senior

Adriana Blazincic, Carla Catanzariti, Maria Gaudioso et al.

Ecco! Senior for Years 11 and 12 is brand new, making Ecco! a unique Australian series covering the 7 to 12 learning continuum for the latest Italian language curricula across states.
The Ecco! Senior resources were created to meet the needs of the Senior classroom, identified during research with schools and teachers, and the demands of new Senor syllabi.
While Ecco! Senior completes the 7 to 12 sequence of learning established in Ecco! uno and Ecco! due Second Edition, it can be used with any 7 to 10 Italian series.
Ecco! Senior includes:
* a hybrid Student Book/Workbook
* a Reader+ eBook that mirrors the student book and provides additional resources for students
* a Reader+ eBook with audio downloads for teachers

* Up-to-date and meaningful topics, language, texts and visuals
* Written to the latest state Senior curricula
* Based on research and best practice
* Authored and reviewed by teaching and language experts

In each chapter you will find:
* Authentic visuals and texts
* Key skill practice including viewing, reading, listening, writing and speaking
* Clear, supportive grammar explanations with check-in questions
* A variety of text types and writing styles
* Exam-style questions
* Annotated sample exam responses
* Sample dierentiated oral response
* Multimodal text response practise
* Exam support and skill building
* Intercultural understanding, inquiry and reflection
* Self-assessment and self-reflection

In the eBook you will find:
* All print book content and all audio files
* Editable worksheets (reading and responding, writing, grammar practice, grammar practice) and chapter vocabulary lists for students
* Grammar animations for student revision
* Teacher-specific support material on viewing skills, additional resources mapped to chapters, scope and sequence and curriculum mapping, answers to all student book and worksheet prompts, audioscripts for student book and eBook audio.

Judge’s Comment

Ecco! Senior is a comprehensive and engaging resource for teachers and learners of Italian in Years 11 and 12 across Australia that offers a flexible approach with a hybrid student book/workbook and rich digital resources. The content is authentic, meaningful and carefully written and mapped to state curricula, with extensive key skill practice in viewing, reading, listening, writing and speaking Italian. Exam support and practice in each chapter progressively builds students’ confidence and provides thorough preparation. Intercultural and critical thinking prompts encourage the learner to engage with the content on a personal level and reflect on prior experience. The digital resources, particularly the audio recordings, feature a variety of native speakers and are expertly produced.

Winner, Student Resource – Senior – English/Humanities/Languages/Arts/Technologies/Health and Physical Education
Resource type
Student Resource
November 2020, December 2020
9780655702306, 9780655702313, 9780655702320


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