Dreamers and Schemers

Dreamers and Schemers

Frank Bongiorno

In this compelling and comprehensive work, renowned historian Frank Bongiorno presents a social and cultural history of Australia’s political life, from pre-settlement Indigenous systems to the present day.

Depicting a wonderful parade of dreamers and schemers, Bongiorno surveys moments of political renewal and sheds fresh light on our democratic life. From local pubs and meeting halls to the parliament and cabinet; from pamphleteers and stump orators to party agents and operatives – this enthralling account looks at the political insiders in the halls of power, as well as the agitators and outsiders who sought to shape the nation from the margins.

A work of political history like no other, Dreamers and Schemers will transform the way you look at Australian politics.

Shortlist, Scholarly Book of the Year
Resource type
Student Resource
Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences
1 November 2022
Print or blended

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