Digital Update – Psychology: From Inquiry to Understanding, Australian 3e

Digital Update – Psychology: From Inquiry to Understanding, Australian 3e

Pat Dudgeon, Scott Lilienfeld, et al.

Psychology: From Inquiry to Understanding empowers students to apply scientific thinking to the psychology of their everyday lives. Emphasising the scientific method, the authors help readers develop the critical-thinking skills and open-minded skepticism needed to distinguish psychological information from misinformation.

The 2021 Digital Update presents a series of new videos that provide real-world examples of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives, Indigenous psychology, cultural psychology, mental health and diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) in action. The Digital Update includes a new Australian-produced 3 part original video series, co-created with Professor Pat Dudgeon (UWA) and providing students with an introductory understanding of Indigenous Psychology in Australia. Also included is a curated set of 10 ABC News videos exploring the intersection of psychology, culture and DE&I. Each video is accompanied by questions to encourage reflection and critical thinking.

Now available as a Pearson eText, this gives lecturers and students flexibility in their product model options based on their needs. The lower cost ($59.99) Pearson eText includes the new Digital Update videos described above, along with the following interactive features: · Audio book · Videos and multimedia · Image hotspots · Drag and drop interactives · Text maps · Fill in the blanks · Flashcards · Highlighting and note taking.

Judge’s Comment

This is a visually and contextually engaging resource with a focus on localised content, including Indigenous psychology. Students are encouraged to practise their critical thinking skills and actively reflect on their progress through a range of check-in questions providing immediate feedback on learning. The inclusion of full-colour visuals throughout, interactives, simple navigation, contemporary wording, flexibility to tailor the learning space, roll-overs for key terms, high-quality videos and strong links to APAC Graduate Competencies make this an outstanding and thoughtful contribution to the study of psychology.

Winner, Teaching and Learning Resource – Digital Only (Adaptations)
Resource type
Teaching and Student Resource
Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences
December 2021
Digital only


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