Delivering Person Centred Services: A Case Management Approach 1e

Geoff Arnott, Eva Bowers, Stacey Murray

Delivering Person Centred Services: A Case Management Approach is a fully Australian authored resource, designed for community service workers to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to manage, coordinate and deliver services to individuals, groups and communities in response to their needs and future goals.

The text is rich with cases, and all are contextualised to the practice environmentaddressing specialty areas such as youth work, family violence, child protection, mental health, disability and social housing.

Each chapter has an introduction, followed by an opening vignette to illustrate what is to be learned, and requires the reader to respond using earlier learning and current work practice. The vignette is revisited at the end of the chapter as an extension exercise.
A Research up Close feature highlights recent research to be considered in the context of the readers learning.
Reflective practice examples appear throughout the text to encourage the student to think carefully about learning, as it relates to their own experience as a community service worker. Real-lifepractitioner experience relevant to chapter content is outlined by community service workers, and this provides a further insight into learning.
The Link to Poicy icon throughout, highlights key policy references and states the policy title.
Self-check and discussion questions appear at the end of each chapter to further reinforce learning.
The extended table of contents acts as a mapping guide to show how each chapter of the text aligns to a unit of conmpetency by listing elements; within the chapter the major element heading is followed by headings addressing the relevant criteria criteria.
Ancillary material to support course delivery is available – Testbank, PowerPoints, additional Case Studies and mapping. Educators may request this in digital format, from Cengage Learning Consultants.

Judge’s Comment

Delivering Person Centred Services: A Case Management Approach is a comprehensive resource for students and instructors. Structured according to the core competencies of the Diploma of Community Services case management specialisation, the book’s elegant design and pedagogical features make light work of ensuring that students are prepared for the workforce.

Winner, VET Teaching and Learning Resource – Print or Blended Learning
Resource type
Teaching and Student Resource
Health and Physical Education
December 2020

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