Carpentry Skills for Certificate III, 2e

Daniel Bonnici, Alister Ford

Written to the units of competency for the new Certificate III in Carpentry (CPC30220), Carpentry Skills for Certificate III 2e is industry focused, with comprehensive coverage of relevant and current industry trends, building and construction standards and regulations.

The new edition features:
– Six NEW chapters
– Workplace Scenarios to engage students and help them visualise concepts
– New and updated ‘End-of-chapter’ questions and answers
– New and updated ‘Australian Standards and codes of practice’ at the end of chapters
– New vibrant and clear photos and diagrams to keep students engaged and reinforce understanding
– Numbered headings directly related to Learning Outcomes
– A comprehensive bank of Instructor Resources which includes a Teacher Resource Manual, Teacher Implementation Guide, mapping documents, worksheet answers, Maths Test to accompany the Trade calculations and Measurements chapters.

The text is a new addition to our building and construction series that also includes a new Certificate II text which published in 2020.

Shortlist, VET Teaching and Learning Resource – Print or Blended Learning
Resource type
Teaching and Student Resource
October 2021
9781743767719, 9781743767733, 9781743767726

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