Cambridge Senior Science Biology VCE

Cambridge Senior Science Biology VCE

Simon Maaser et al.

This new series focuses on helping students understand and retain the key elements of the subject without overwhelming them with content they won’t be assessed on. Students are kept on track through the use of learning intentions matched to the Study Design at the start of each chapter, teamed with a success criteria checklist at the end of the chapter ensuring they meet the syllabus requirements.

The content includes check-in questions that provide formative assessment, as well as section and chapter review questions to provide summative assessment of students’ learning. Skills sections throughout provide advice on how to approach tasks and exam questions. Modelling of logbook entries helps guide students through each entry in an investigation.

The textbook demonstrates the interconnectedness of Biology through the use of links placed in the margin between related material in different chapters so that students learn that biological concepts and ideas do not exist in isolation. Concept maps for each chapter are linked into a concept map for the whole course. In the digital material these are hyperlinks enabling an alternative navigation pathway which helps student build a mental map of the course leading to improved retention and retrieval of information.

Comprehensive digital resources, fully integrated with the print book, offer students revision of prior knowledge from previous years, opportunities for independent learning and self-assessment, and provide teachers with a wide range of time-saving downloadable assessment tasks and support materials, including experiments, open-ended investigations or ideas for activities that will meet the requirements of the science investigation skills component of the Study Design.

The new Exam-generator enables teachers to create custom practice exams from a bank of past VCAA questions (and VCAA-style questions). Exams can be completed online (for multiple-choice sections) and auto-marked, or printed and taken in exam conditions or used for revision.

Shortlist, Student Resource – Senior – Mathematics/Science
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Student Resource
August 2021
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