Highly Commended

Cambridge Humanities for Victoria Years 7–10

Michael Adcock, Ashley Keith Pratt, Adrian De Fanti et al.

Inspired by the rationale of the Victorian Curriculum, these engaging and accessible new resources for Years 7–10 Humanities students provide a framework to develop the concepts and skills for students to investigate, engage with, and help shape the modern world. Developed by experienced and passionate Victorian Humanities teachers, the engaging delivery of the curriculum draws on intriguing chapter-opener stories to hook students in to each topic, and also features a visually appealing design and an extensive range of sources. Modern pedagogical practices are incorporated to give students the best opportunity to understand and investigate the processes of how our world has been shaped, including ‘Making Thinking Visible’ activities inspired by Harvard’s Project Zero’s Visible Thinking Routines. Skills and concepts are integrated throughout the chapters to enable students to make connections to their learning and support the way skills are commonly taught in context in Victorian classrooms. The wide range of activities will engage and challenge students across each topic and offer opportunities for teachers to differentiate for individual learners. The range of sources in history, data in geography, and relevant case studies across Geography, Economics & Business, and Civics & Citizenship has been carefully selected to provide interesting and relevant evidence for students to investigate and interpret. The uncluttered design includes exceptional new illustrations by internationally renowned artist Jean-Michel Girard, photos, timelines, maps, graphs and more to engage learners. The language used has been carefully chosen to be accessible to students without compromising depth of content. A downloadable project in each chapter addresses one of the four mandatory Victorian Curriculum Capabilities. Extensive digital resources, compiled by a digital learning expert, provide today’s students with carefully-chosen digital content and support teachers through a powerful Learning Management System.

Highly Commended, Student Resource – Junior – English/Humanities/Languages/Arts/Technologies/Health and Physical Education
Resource type
Student Resource
Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences
August – December 2020
9781108783095, 9781108783132, 9781108783149, 9781108782531, 9781108782623, 9781108782678, 9781108782463, 9781108782487, 9781108782494, 9781108749152, 9781108782357, 9781108782364

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