Business Law

Nickolas James, Timothy Thomas

Business Law 6e is written for business rather than law students. The business law course is the first exposure to law for business students and the first time they are obliged to think deeply about the legal system. They need a clear and accessible introduction to this entirely new discipline and Business Law 6e delivers on this. It also presents business law in a practical context rather than the doctrinal context that is the hallmark of texts from the major legal publishers.

The eBook edition of Business Law features a range of instructional media content designed to provide students with an interactive and engaging learning experience. This unique resource can also form the basis of a blended learning solution for lecturers.

Judge’s Comment

Business Law, 6th Edition delivers a unique and innovative approach to teaching and learning business law. Specifically targeting business students, this resource maintains a business focus and a student-friendly approach. The content is appropriate – it's comprehensive in a highly targeted way – and delivers law in an accessible and relatable way. It provides an enriched learning experience with content that is hands-on and interactive. It's visually engaging and clearly structured so that students can easily navigate the practitioner videos, real-world examples, animated diagrams and interactive practice questions.

Winner, Teaching and Learning Resource – Blended Learning (Wholly Australian)
Resource type
Teaching and Student Resource
Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences
September 2021

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