Brady, Medical Surgical Nursing For Australian Students: A Systems Approach, 1e

Jacqueline Brewer, Zachary Byfield, Ellen Dyke, et al.

The text is not an unwieldy encyclopedia of medical-surgical nursing. Instead, it is a practical tool for students to learn the ‘need to know’ skills in order to become a safe provider of care.

In Part 1, the text introduces the reader to the structure, funding and access to the Australian healthcare system. Chapter 2 discusses healthcare in relation to Indigenous health and challenges in rural and remote settings. Chapters 3 to 9 address common principles that underpin medical and surgical nursing practice and the principles underlying comprehensive nursing assessment of patient care needs. The management of medications is a major component of the everyday work of the nurse in a medical-surgical environment, and a comprehensive overview of the principles underlying care and the nurses’ responsibilities in relation to drug administration, both oral and parenteral are discussed. Nutritional assessment, the prevention and control of infection, caring for the older person, provision of appropriate and individualised care to families at the final stage of life, the principles of perioperative, high dependency care and a detailed review of paediatric-specific care are included.

In Part 2, a systems approach is taken to afford an overview of adult nursing in medical and surgical acute care environments. The nursing care related to all the systems is discussed in chapters 12–23 and covers topics related to the integumentary, respiratory, circulatory, digestive, urinary, endocrine, neurological, immune, haematological, musculoskeletal, eye/ear/nose/throat and reproductive systems. Each chapter presents an overview of the related anatomy and physiology to enhance students’ understanding. All of the main conditions are considered, with a focus on relating the main concerns and priorities of medical and surgical nursing. Each chapter is associated with additional sources of information such as further reading, professional organisations and online resources.

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Teaching and Student Resource
September 2021

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