Bond Blocks Series

Bond Blocks Series

Narelle Rice, Dr Paul Swan

Bond Blocks: From Counting to Calculating with Addition and Subtraction. Bond Blocks is an exciting, new primary school mathematics system developed in Western Australia by a classroom teacher in partnership with Dr Paul Swan. This innovative resource blends physical and digital resources to deliver high quality mathematics teaching.

The Bond Blocks System is made up of 3 kits:
• “Counting to 10 with Bond Blocks Kit” – Pre-Foundation Curriculum (4-year-old children)
• “Counting to 20 with Bond Blocks Kit” – Foundation Curriculum (5-year-old children)
• “Bond Blocks Core Intervention Kit” – Years 1 to 3 Curriculum

Counting to 10 and 20 with Bond Blocks Kit
Sequential activities to develop counting fluency in conjunction with number line thinking. Kit Contents:
• Teacher Book containing theory, skill checklists, student led explorative play activities, teacher led explicit instruction activities.
• Set of 64 activity cards for guided play
• Manipulatives including wooden Bond Blocks

Bond Blocks Core Intervention Kit
Over 100 sequenced activities to comprehensively cover every addition and subtraction content descriptor from Year 1 to Year 3. Link part-part-whole understanding with basic addition and subtraction fact fluency and associated word problems.

Every activity is completed on one A3 activity board and has its own publicly accessible webpage which contains:
• A short video modelling the activity. Explicit teaching to be viewed by students.
• Activity Notes for the teacher specifying (i) the mathematical content, (ii) mathematical language and (iii) differentiation to make the activity a little easier/harder.

The Core Intervention Kit has two uses:
1) Mental Maths for Years 1 to 3. Use within the Warm Up section of the lesson.
2) Maths Intervention Support Program for K to Early Secondary. Target and Intervene early with young students to close the gap.

Help students move on from an overreliance on counting in ones to calculating with addition and subtraction.

Judge’s Comment

Bond Blocks is an innovative primary school mathematics resource that blends physical and digital resources to deliver high-quality mathematics teaching. Teaching the language of maths is a key focus, and engaging lessons and games support students in building base number knowledge. This comprehensive multifunctional resource is clearly linked to the mathematics curriculum and can be used for intervention but also to teach the early years starting from Pre-Foundation. The online resources and supporting lessons are extensive. Every activity is supported by a webpage containing a video and explicit teaching notes explaining the content, maths language and differentiation ideas. This makes planning very easy and also enables teachers to use the resources as an intervention for students who need extra support.

Winner, Student Resource – Mathematics (Numeracy)
Resource type
Student Resource
June 2021
9780645448603, 9780645448610

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