BitMaths Teacher Licence and BitMaths Student Licence

BitMaths Teacher Licence and BitMaths Student Licence

BitMaths is a digital maths resource for Years 7 and 8, and is available in Australian Curriculum, NSW Syllabus and Victorian Curriculum editions. With comprehensive content, rigorous pedagogy and intuitive design, BitMaths provides a suite of powerful teaching and learning resources that explicitly target the core concepts of mathematics.

What makes BitMaths stand out from the crowd is its focus on problem solving and reasoning. Every module of work includes a guided problem-solving task and set of differentiated problem-solving activities, as well as a scaffolded reasoning task. Every reasoning task can be completed independently by students, or with the help of BitMaths’ signature feature – the Reasoning Wizard. But that’s not all – BitMaths also comprehensively covers the day-to-day mathematical concepts that align with the curriculum. Lesson resources include a scaffolded teaching sequence, interactive slideshows, captivating videos, differentiated activities and more. Being digital provides many extra benefits for the modern classroom – from automatic marking to real-time tracking of student progress, as well as handy data collation.

Judge’s Comment

BitMaths is a fresh and exciting resource. The model supports teachers to teach their way, with purposeful considerations for pedagogical models used in government schools. It is jam-packed with digital features and opportunities for differentiation. The digital-first approach leads the way in conceptual development. It offers an innovative approach to the explicit teaching of problem-solving and reasoning and further supports teachers with interactive teaching slides and online workshops.

Winner, Student Resource – Junior – Mathematics/Science
Resource type
Student Resource
May 2021
Digital only

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