Between Worlds: Extending students’ multimodal literacy practices with augmented reality

Between Worlds: Extending students’ multimodal literacy practices with augmented reality

Alice Chik, Lynde Tan

Augmented reality (AR) has become part of our everyday lives through social media filters, e-commerce apps, and gaming platforms like Pokémon Go. It’s a tool that allows users to make choices for purposeful communication. This book bridges the gap between personal digital practices and formal pedagogic practices by introducing a pedagogical framework that will empower primary literacy teachers to add the use of AR apps to their literacy teaching toolkit. There are multiple opportunities for teachers to leverage this technology for literacy teaching and learning – and support the development of multimodal literacies. The book reviews several AR apps, showcasing those opportunities in three case studies that detail how AR has been effectively used in a primary school setting. Drawing on the authors’ pedagogical framework for enhancing multimodal literacies with AR, this book is a guide for teachers as they grow their literacy pedagogy, and offers support in developing skills that are becoming increasingly critical as teachers and students navigate complex communication demands in an ever-changing literacy landscape.

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March 2022
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