Avanti tutta!

Avanti tutta!

Marina Bartolameazzi, Elio Guarnuccio, Annamaria Iacovacci, et al.

Avanti tutta! is an Italian language course for Years 7 and 8 beginners designed to capture students’ imaginations and stimulate their ongoing interest in studying the language. It comprises:
– textbook in print and digital interactive form
– workbook in print and with equivalent digital interactive activities
– digital e-platform containing all the main elements of the course
– mobile/desktop app focused on voice recognition
– games (both digital interactive and hands on)

This is a unique eco-system of integrated components enabling a new level of immersion. For the first time students have access to every video and audio component previously reserved for the teacher. This important aspect allows true student-centred learning with teachers being able to experiment with the flipped classroom rather than sticking with traditional teacher-centred approaches.

The course responds to the difficult question of ‘how can students practise speaking outside of the classroom?’. The multi-platform app developed by Lingopont is primarily based on voice recognition and purely focused on the language being taught at the time and encourages students to ask and answer questions, recognise vocabulary and give opinions. To our knowledge it’s the first app specifically designed to integrate fully into a language course.

A strong cultural component runs throughout Avanti tutta! encouraging students to learn about Italy and reflect on similarities and differences with their own and other cultures. Similarly students are prompted to reflect on forms of the language, its origins and how it evolves.

Judge’s Comment

Avanti tutta! offers engaging Italian language resources that provide students with a diverse learning experience. The fully integrated resources welcome Year 7 and 8 students to explore the Italian language through student-centred blended learning in print and digital formats. Exciting videos, animations, games and an app are just part of the resources that blend seamlessly with the textbook and student workbook. The supportive teacher resources are the final piece to a fantastic array of immersive resources provided by Avanti tutta!

Winner, Student Resource – Junior – English/Humanities/Languages/Arts/Technologies/Health and Physical Education
Resource type
Student Resource
January 2022
9780648763444, 9780648763451


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