Australia’s Defining Moments Digital Classroom (Secondary)

Australia’s Defining Moments Digital Classroom (Secondary)

Australia’s Defining Moments Digital Classroom is a free teaching and learning website. Aligned with the Australian Curriculum, it offers rich resources for teachers and students of history, geography and civics and citizenship. The Digital Classroom is an unparalleled initiative as it brings Australian history alive in the digital age and elevates the exploration of our national story in the classroom. Launched in 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the value of online learning for students, it is a teaching resource for the classroom of today and tomorrow.

The Digital Classroom includes a variety of engaging resources to cater for different learning styles and classroom applications. Students can explore an interactive timeline of Defining Moments in Australian history, take a virtual tour of the Museum’s Landmarks Gallery and inspect 3D models of Museum objects. Games and interactives use narrative and decision-making scenarios to engage students, but still ensure curriculum requirements are being met. The video and image libraries cater to primary source analysis and visual learning. Learning modules and Defining Moments essays are in some ways more traditional teaching resources, but include a range of interactive and visual elements to maintain student engagement. This variety of content ensures that students have multiple and meaningful ways to engage with Australian history.

Produced with the support of Gandel Philanthropy, the Digital Classroom aims to empower teachers and inspire young people. The Museum acknowledges that not all students are able to visit the collection, but the Digital Classroom offers them the opportunity to explore and engage with the Museum’s expertise and objects. It breaks through barriers of distance and financial advantage to offer learning support in classrooms around the country and beyond.

Judge’s Comment

Australia’s Defining Moments Digital Classroom is an extraordinary and rich reference resource. This resource masterfully interweaves diverse images, engaging text and interactive tours to bring the museum to life, all in the comfort of a classroom. The resource is easy to navigate and able to be used across various subject areas, promoting cross-curricular skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking and allowing students to evaluate their own conceptions. A truly engaging and beautiful resource for both students and teachers.

Winner, Reference Resource
Resource type
Reference Resource
Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences
21 October 2020
Digital only

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