Australian Property Law: Principles to Practice

Australian Property Law: Principles to Practice

Michael Nancarrow,

Australian Property Law: Principles to Practice is an engaging introduction to property law in Australia. Covering substantive law and procedural matters, this textbook presents the law of personal and real property in a contemporary light. Australian Property Law details how property law practice is transformed by technology and provides insights into contemporary challenges and risks. Taking a thematic approach, the text covers possession of goods and land, land tenure, estates and future interests, property registration systems, Indigenous land rights and native title, social housing, Crown land and ethics.

Complex concepts are contextualised by linking case law and legislation to practical applications. Each chapter is supported by digital tools including case and legislation boxes with links to the full source online, links to useful online resources, multiple-choice questions, review questions and longer narrative problems. Australian Property Lawprovides an essential introduction to the principles and practice of property law in an ever-changing technological environment.

Shortlist, Tertiary (Wholly Australian) Teaching and Learning Resource – Print or Blended Learning
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Teaching and Student Resource
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September 2022
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