AR Classroom

AR Classroom

Kate Hargreaves, Heather Crawford, Katie Wardrobe

The possibilities of Augmented Reality and music education are unquantifiable and we are excited to be introducing the potential of this amazing teaching tool to the music classroom.
AR Classroom (2020)

Session 1 – Crack The Code Espionage is a topic that spurs drama and intrigue for viewers and readers alike through the history of film, TV and literature. It’s a classic plot, whereby a secret message needs to be conveyed in a letter or text, but it must be scrambled to avoid detection. Students learn the art of encrypting a message in music. From the methods of Bach (& the German system), to morse code and the Fibonacci series. Upon completion learners will have cracked the codes of many methods, composed their own song with a hidden message and created an AR experience to house their creation.

Session 2 – WhaleSong – A humpback whale song is the longest musical performance of an animal in the world. It is a structured song, which takes an average of twenty-five minutes to sing and is repeated using the same musical form. The song has a beginning and an end, as well as a series of distinct phrases composed of clear, defined motifs throughout. Students learn to identify and notate the sounds that become a Whale song, learn about song structure and create a whale-inspired masterpiece, which is housed in their own AR Expierence to showcase to friends and family.

Session 3 – Instruments of the Orchestra – this hugely popular topic has been reimagined with the application of AR. Students discover 20+ instruments of the orchestra with Augmented Reality, compose an animal soundscape (in the same way John Williams did with Harry Potter) and then create mastermind AR experience for their chosen instrument!

Shortlist, Student Resource – Junior – English/Humanities/Languages/Arts/Technologies/Health and Physical Education
Resource type
Student Resource
Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences
November 2020
Digital only

MusicEDU Pty Ltd

***”Every student should have the opportunity to engage in and love learning music.”***
– Kate Hargreaves, Founder and CEO, MusicEDU

This is the core of our mission at MusicEDU. We want teenagers to benefit from having music in their school lives, whether that’s learning to play an instrument, composing a piece or working with others. Practising music encourages teamwork, confidence and empathy, and helps students discover the satisfaction gained by creating rather than merely consuming.

To support teachers in delivering engaging classroom music lessons, by offering them professional development and affordable resources, while limiting the time spent planning.

To produce music curriculum solutions that provide inspiration and encourage students’ creativity.