Animated Big Books Series (F-2)

Animated Big Books Series (F-2)

Dr Calvin Irons, James Burnett et al.

ORIGO Education’s Animated Big Books for Foundation–Year 2 are designed to teach mathematic concepts and skills conceptually in a logical, learner-friendly sequence. Animated Big Books align to specific content descriptors with the Australian Curriculum (Mathematics) and are ideal for introducing important topics.

These resources encourage teachers to share the love of reading in the classroom and engage our earliest learners in discourse and discussion about mathematical ideas like never before.

Animated Big Books enhance instruction and engage students during in-person or distance learning lessons and include many benefits such as:
•supporting maths proficiency strands related to discourse, critique and reason.
•suitable for a range of classroom settings such as whole group, small group and independent reading.
•rich questions that encourage inference, rigor and discussion.
•have embedded vocabulary support.
•require minimal teacher preparation and can be used by parents in an at home environment.

Judge’s Comment

The Animated Big Books Series (F–2) uses a creative approach to learning and teaching. It is a fun, engaging way to introduce students to maths concepts and provides teachers with a variety of learning opportunities that they can choose from and adapt to their class needs. These are fantastic resources to have in a classroom and a great introduction to maths.

Winner, Student Resource – Mathematics (Numeracy)
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Student Resource
October 2020
Digital only
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