Analysing Australian History
Highly Commended

Analysing Australian History

Richard Broome, Ashley Keith Pratt, et al.

Written specifically for the new Study Design, Analysing Australian History is the first series of resources to cover all the requirements of the VCE Australian History syllabus. Led by Emeritus Professor Richard Broome, our expert author team of highly experienced teachers and historians draws on a wide range of compelling historical sources and activities to explore key themes in our past and captivate students with the various continuities and changes in Australian history.

The Analysing Australian History textbooks include:
– an accessible interpretation of the new study design to nurture a genuine enthusiasm for Australian History while comprehensively covering all curriculum objectives
– an extensive range of primary historical sources, analysis activities, historical intrepretations and recent historiographical research across both Area of Study 1: Foundations and Area of Study 2: Transformations
– relevant and engaging content reviewed by a range of notable academics, teachers and high-profile Indigenous scholars with a key focus on the clarity of language used, and the appropriateness of content from an Indigenous perspective
– activities and questions designed to support students in their pursuit of a deep understanding of Australian history and to extend their knowledge of Australian history taught in previous years
– exceptional exam and assessment preparation support including source-based and other exam-style questions and plenty of tools for revision.

A percentage of each sale will be donated to the Indigenous Reading Project. Learn more about their valuable work at

Highly Commended, Student Resource – Senior – English/Humanities/Languages/Arts/Technologies/Health and Physical Education
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Student Resource
Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences
September 2021
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