Highly Commended

An EAL/D Handbook

Helen Harper, Susan Feez

Nearly half (45%) of all young people in Australia aged 12 to 24 are first- or second-generation migrants. Providing EAL/D students with the teaching they need to succeed at school is critical to the quality of their integration into community, and for access to opportunities to achieve their goals.

In this book – which works through a case-study framework that provides educators with examples of effective practice – readers are invited into seven classrooms, where teachers share strategies that enable EAL/D learners to engage with the Australian curriculum.

With contributions by Brian Gray, Beverly Derewianka and Jenny Hammond, among notable others from the field of language education, mentors provide an academic context to support the illustrations of practice and explain how teachers can transfer these learnings to other settings.

An introduction by Susan Feez and Helen Harper offers a thorough overview of EAL/D teaching and learning practice.

Highly Commended, Reference Resource
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7 December 2020
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