The Educational Publishing Industry  

Supporting education with world-class Australian teaching resources for early childhood, primary, secondary and tertiary/vocational sectors.

Co-creating resources with educator experts that align with curricula.

Keeping education current with 2000 new titles per annum*

Contributing over $755M to the economy with even more intangible benefits

Educational publishers bring classroom learning to life with well-researched materials that equip educators and the next generation for a future of innovation and change, while also reflecting our diverse voices, heritage and identity.

Educational publishing has an immense impact in shaping the nation’s conscience and economy from inside the education system. Their resources enhance literacy and shape cultural understanding, and the knowledge they generate fuels all industries, ultimately driving the economy. 

The signature event of the year is the Educational Publishing Awards Australia where we celebrate the high-quality learning resources made across the previous year.

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Read more about the contribution of Australian educational publishers in this SEPC Australian Educational Publishing 


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